We work with businesses and individuals who care about the impact they have locally and globally, now and in the future. Providing marketing strategy and planning services through to day-to-day implementation of your marketing and communications activities.


Hello! I’m Claire Walmsley-Moss (the CWM part)

I am an extensively experienced marketer with over 22 years’ solid experience working with a wide range of organisations across many different industries and sectors.

I enjoy providing strategic support, tactical guidance and hands-on implementation for full-mix marketing initiatives, often working with SME business owners that are new to marketing and so guiding them through establishing effective marketing processes, setting-up in-house marketing functions and recruiting the right people.

Sustainability, improving our impact on the natural world and protecting rural communities have been important to me throughout my life. I am passionate about helping business owners, like you, to identify authentic marketing messages, value and benefits of sustainability to your client base, not only for improving your bottom line but also the world around us all.

I look forward to exploring how I can help you and your business combine marketing and sustainability, for a better world.