Working with a superb team of engineering genius, we provided marketing communications management to raise the profile of Electroflight, and their exciting adventure in the future of electric aviation. Our work involved management of website content, press communications, event management, and sponsorship acquisition, which resulted in sponsorship from Rolls Royce – the journey continues behind closed doors – for now!

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Electroflight aim to set a new Electric Airspeed World Record to prove the technology, obtain further sponsorship and further develop the technology to roll out across the aviation industry, in much the same way as electric cars have changed the motor industry. Their electric propulsion system is their advantage in the race to change aviation history.

Through an integrated marketing approach my time on the project saw the below Fully Charged Electroflight Episode viewings more than double on YouTube, soaring to well over 500,000 views, the highest viewing numbers for the show, at the time (now at over 1m views).


Claire helped Electroflight at an early stage in its development and was a great help in marketing, website management and developing social media. She brought a positive “can do” attitude to the team and also helped with other tasks when needed.
Chris Turner, Electroflight