Egg tempera and watercolour landscape artist

Capturing the here and now of Antarctica through the soul of an artist.

Having been selected by the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute, artist Andrew Lansley will be travelling with the Royal Navy at the end of February to Antarctica, as their artist in residence, to capture the changing landscape of the polar region.

Unlike naval officer and explorer ‘Scott of the Antarctic’, who set out with the expectation of reaching the South Pole, Andrew has no expectations of his forthcoming adventure, other than to live it and then tell the story. Andrew Lansley explains “I see this as something to step in to, to be a part of something bigger.”

In his recent blogs, Andrew shares his observations and concerns: “The polar landscape is changing fast. Already, huge ancient glaciers are marching in reverse to their source. What will man lose, if, or indeed, when, the ice melts away completely?” He continues “We know for sure that these places will not be there, as they are now, for future generations.”

Andrew returns home to the UK in late March to then expand his journey further, sharing his experiences and capturing what he feels, sees, smells and absorbs from his time away. His work will be exhibited at Bonham’s in summer 2020.

For further information:

Andrew Lansley is an egg tempera and watercolour landscape artist based near Bath. He has been described as “A distinct presence in the British tradition of draughtsmanly painting” by Jerrold Northrop Moore, official biographer of Elgar and author of “The Green Fuse”.

His current work from a recent trip to Greenland is being exhibited at Twenty-Twenty Gallery in Ludlow.

Contact: PR Associate Claire Walmsley-Moss on 07870 348110 or by email Or Andrew Lansley (before 20th February) on 07920 060015.