So many people think of marketing as simply posts to social media, this is a very powerful and important channel to reach your audience, if …they are reading what you post, if what you post is written well, targeted and gives value to your audience.  Always apply ‘so what’ to anything you communicate…not so what to you but so what to the target/client, what’s in it for them?

Personally, I don’t have time to update my social media pages regularly, as I’m busy working with my clients and then enjoying my non-work life, and I often find my clients don’t have the time either. That’s perfectly fine. For example, all of my business in the last eight to nine years has come from word-of-mouth or networking.  My experience has shown that if we are authentic, show our expertise, be real and deliver value then work comes our way.

Marketing is so much more than social media! At CWM Marketing we are full-mix marketing specialists, addressing the business offering across all 7Ps of the marketing mix, with a proven track record of effective marketing planning and implementation, helping businesses to be authentic and reach their target in the best way for that target, which may not necessarily be following the current marketing trends.

If you do want to use social media, step back and have a carefully thought-out plan, and if you don’t have time yourself, there are lots of highly skilled social media experts that will gladly help and deliver value to you and your clients.

Have fun, Claire.