Our planet

Our planet – we can help it survive

The recent Netflix Series Our Planet is proving to be a very impactful series of episodes looking at the beauties and tragedies of our natural world. The episode getting a great deal of press at the moment features Walrus in a tragically distressing situation because the ice they would normally rest on when hunting is not there.

This episode featured on Gogglebox with the mother from one family commenting: “Surely there is something we can do to stop this” ?! And indeed there is.

Not only are there many small things we can all do to make a difference from reducing our consumption of resources, controlling our waste levels and making considered purchases from sustainable sources, to name a few, but there is also a great deal businesses can do to make improvements.

WWF is a partner in the Netflix series and offers businesses guidance on aspects they can address and actions they can adopt both on a local level and also to get involved in transforming wider sector, industry and government level initiatives. Explore more on their website https://www.wwf.org.uk/get-involved/business

There is reason to be hopeful but positive and consistent change is needed not only for the benefit of our planet but in return to our benefit.

“Nature once determined how we survive. Now we determine how nature survives.” – Sir David Attenborough.