The world is on our hands



As a regular business networker I am often asked about my journey to where I am today in my business, so I thought I’d share some of that with you.

Sustainability, improving our impact on the natural world and protecting rural communities have been important to me throughout my life. I remember being one of the few in my class at school in the 1980’s/90’s that seemed to care about the hole in the ozone layer above New Zealand, and so I made some positive changes in the choices I made and products I bought.

My early career took me through some traditional corporate routes in London, where I gained vast amounts of training and expertise, including working across multiple locations and jurisdictions and realising the need to adapt and change to the local market. It also helped me to build lasting connections with people across the globe.

In search of work that provided real purpose I started a course in Environmental Science in 2010, as I wanted very much to work with a charity where I could bring my marketing skills and expertise to support a cause I greatly value. Sadly the opportunities did not come up at the time that worked with my wider life and commitments, so I embarked on freelance marketing work and have focused on working with businesses that care about their impact on the world around them, now and in the future.

I have worked with a company that has for over 30 years put the environment at the core of its business practices and a company that is striving to accelerate developments in electric aviation. I am also an associate with a full-service reputation management company.

I have remained a full-mix marketing specialist working with businesses to identify their strategic direction, draw up plans to implement campaigns and activities, then roll my sleeves up and get the work done, as we then monitor, measure and report against KPIs and the wider business strategy.

I am passionate about helping business owners, like you, to identify authentic marketing messages, value and benefits of sustainability to your client base, not only for improving your bottom line but also the world around us all.

Feel free to get in touch so we can explore how I can help you and your business combine marketing and sustainability, for a better world. The world is in our hands and now is the time for action (#DecadeofAction). There are so many opportunities and businesses that look at their impact on the world around them and make adjustments now (such as reducing your carbon footprint) do in fact make cost savings and increase their profitability. I can help you explore these options and then create communications that are authentic and build trust, so you don’t need to ‘greenwash’ anything, we’ll be telling it like it is from the heart.

I’m presenting at the end of the month on how marketing and sustainability can link up for business owners, after that I will post an article here giving details. Let’s make a better world and have fun at the same time!